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Surgery can be hard. Reiki can help.

When one is going in for surgery, even the smallest surgery can make a huge impact on the body. The incision will need to heal, the body will create inflammation to combat whatever was done inside, and whatever was taken out – or put in – will require adjustment time. Besides the physical aspect, there is also the mental aspect. When one knows that surgery is up-coming, sometimes months in advance, the mind can play tricks, turning the littlest thing into the largest mountain. Anxiety can set in. If it’s an emergency, the fear and anxiety have a sharper aspect. When the surgery happens, the patient could end up being such a bundle of nerves that calming drugs will have to be administered, which could affect the outcome of the surgery itself.

Reiki sessions, done before the surgery, can have a big impact on the patient’s state of mind. The calming effect of Reiki soothes the patient’s anxiety. If they can feel the Reiki energy, they will feel the warmth of the energy as it flows through them, and the physical effect of having another person there while they are waiting and being prepped can have a huge effect on their mental faculties.

If the Reiki Practitioner is a level II or higher, they should be able to do a distance session, meaning they won’t need to be in the room. Using power of visualization and specific mental Reiki signs, the Practitioner could do a session on the patient while in surgery. This could help strengthen them, calm them, and keep their energy flowing while the surgeon is doing their work.

After the surgery, while the Patient is in recovery, this is the best time to work on healing energies. The surgery will have caused a gap in their energy, and the incision itself will need healing. Using specific hand placements and techniques – depending on which surgery was performed – the Reiki Practitioner can help ease the body into its new mode of being. Reiki treatments after surgery can help the patient relax, adapt to their new existence, and get effective, restful sleep. Sleep and minimal stress after surgery are essential to healing.

The body is very effective at remembering trauma and tends to keep these memories in the adrenal glands. These glands are located directly above the kidneys, on either side of the spine, just below the ribs. If the patient is able to lay face down, the Reiki Practitioner can work on the adrenal glands, clearing out the pain and trauma. If the patient cannot lay face down, this is fine. The Practitioner can still work on the adrenal glands, but will have to do it from the front, which will take more time. This technique will enable to body to recover from the surgery faster.

Having a Reiki practitioner working alongside the patient prepping for, receiving, and recovering from surgery can make a huge difference in how the surgery affects the patient. And because Reiki is completely non-invasive and doesn’t need to touch the patient, there are no risks associated. Some Reiki Practitioners are associated with hospitals, so it should not be difficult to find one, when the time comes.


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