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Direct Billing Help

Say goodbye to time-consuming direct billing that keeps you away from the things you love!

Why pick us?

We're not just any virtual assistant, we're a dynamic team dedicated to working seamlessly alongside therapists like yourself! Our highly skilled administrative team is here to enhance your practice, simplifying the process for both you and your patients. We are a working wellness clinic that understands the alternative health insdustry. 

Currently working with practices that use Massage Book in Canada.

How it works

Experience a hassle-free onboarding journey as we seamlessly integrate all your direct billing information into our system.

Here's how it works: Once you're on board, you'll receive a user-friendly form to complete, ensuring we have all the necessary details to process your direct billing efficiently. Our commitment extends to verifying that your intake forms contain the essential direct billing information.

We take transparency seriously. You'll have access to shared spreadsheets, allowing you to easily track the details of each billing transaction.

Rest assured, your privacy is our priority. To kick off our partnership, confidentiality agreements will be signed, solidifying our commitment to safeguarding your sensitive information.


Client contact

Sometimes information is not filled out fully on intake forms for direct billing. 

Two options:

1.Allow us to contact clients via on your behalf to get their information. You will be cc'd on those emails.

2. We will email you with the information that is missing and you can contact the client. 



One time Set Up fee: $150

Flat fee 1st of each month: 

Solo practitioner: $160 (64 appointments direct billing)

Mid Size (2-4 practitioners): $480 (192 appointments direct billing)

Large size (5-8 practitioners): $1120 (448 appointments direct billing)

Enterprise (9+ practitioners): $1900 (760 appointments direct billing)

Each massage billed will be deducted off your fee for the month at :

Direct billing price per massage: $2.50 

Credit card invoicing for balance: $0.50

If you go over the flat fee your extra charges invoice will be sent on the first Wednesday of the month. IF there is a credit it will be rolled to the next month. 

 Credit card will be stored on file, charges will not be processed without confirmation on the number of billed massages. 

All prices are plus GST


Get Started

Please reach out to for a complementary discovery call. 

Please fill out this form  prior to our call.

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