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Reiki for your best life.

Everyone has a tough day, every once in a while. Most people pick themselves up and keep going, but every so often, that one tough day can turn into a tough week, then a month… and before you know it, your life has become a shambles and your friends are worried about you. Addiction could be a problem, in some form. Gaming, drugs, alcohol, sex… humans have found many ways to distract ourselves from the darkness in our lives.

Once in a while is fine. Every day, at the expense of everything else in your life, that is not okay. When the darkness settles in and everything just looks so bleak, turning to an addiction can make everything seem so much better. The euphoria from your addiction kicks in, and you turn your mind off, and you don’t have to think about it anymore.

The first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem. It’s hard. Detoxing is hard. Life is hard. But there are people, organizations, and plans in place to help.

Reiki can help too.

Though Reiki is not part of a religion, there is a spiritual aspect to it. It makes sense, as energy work has a lot to do with the spiritual part of life, and Dr. Usui knew that. He laid down his 5 Precepts for Reiki Practice at the beginning, intending the Precepts to help guide the Practitioner towards the universal energy of Reiki.

For Today Only:

Do not Anger

Do not worry

Be Humble

Be Honest in your Work

Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

These Precepts are designed for the Reiki Practitioner, but they constitute a solid basis of life for everyone. Just for today, be your best self. Everyday.

Compassion towards yourself can take many forms. For a recovering addict, that can be accepting that you are recovering. That life will get better. It can mean taking care of your body with a massage or a Reiki session. It can mean taking care of your spirit by learning something new today. It can mean just living for today.

If you are in recovery, and the pain is just too much, regular Reiki sessions can help. There is a particular technique called ‘Depoisoning Technique’ which can be very effective, particularly when done on a regular basis. In it, the Reiki Practitioner will place one hand in the air above the ‘Tanden’, which is about 5 cm below the navel, and the other on their forehead. The Reiki energy will flow from the Reiki Practitioner, through the patient, and back again, pulling out any poisons. This works on anything that isn’t supposed to be in the body, from food poisoning to alcohol.

Your local Reiki Practitioner may know different techniques. Speak to them before your session, to coordinate what they know and what you need. Sometimes the Reiki energy goes to where it’s needed on its own, and other times it needs a bit more guidance.

There is always help. There is always light, somewhere, hiding behind the dark.

Just for today, be your best self.



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