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Can Reiki Treat Cancer?

Everyone has heard of the Big C. Everyone has a friend, loved one, or relative who has died of Cancer. Medical science has treatments that can help combat Cancer, but they are risky, dangerous, and invasive. Though finding a cure for Cancer is at the heart of every medical dream, it has not been discovered yet.

Reiki is not a cure for Cancer. It will not protect you from Cancer, nor will it take the place of medical treatments. Reiki is a Complementary therapy, not a primary therapy, and cannot rid your body of the tumours. What it can do is help you to relax and release some of the stress that the illness has forced on you.

There is a theory on how Reiki works, involving the biofield surrounding every human being, and quantum physics. Our bodies use electrical signals to regulate things like heartbeat, breathing, movement, etc. Those electrical signals create an energy field that surrounds us, called the biofield. The theory is that when the biofields of two humans meet – say, in a Reiki session – the Reiki energy flowing through the one may have an effect on the biofield of the other. Quantum physics comes in to explain that photons – the particles that make up light energy – can also be waves and can also be in two places at once. They can potentially be affected by intention, so, in theory, the intention of the Reiki practitioner can affect the photons surrounding and permeating both the biofield of their patient, and their physical form as well.

It’s a theory. Science loves theories.

Reiki does work, though. That is not a theory.

Studies have shown that patients receiving Cancer treatment reported feeling energised and more relaxed after only one session. After several sessions, their pain was significantly lessened. They were able to cope with the situation better and had a more positive outlook on the situation ahead of them. Releasing the stress, allowing the body to relax, these can have more of an impact on an illness than we might think. When the body relaxes back to the ‘Rest and Digest’ mode which is supposed to be our primary mode, it will naturally be able to fight off invaders or abnormalities more effectively.

There is a great deal about our bodies and ourselves that medical science has not yet been able to explain, and the interaction of our physical forms with the energy inherent in all of us is one of them. Many scientists do not believe in the power of Reiki, of healing hands or positive intentions. And yet, they will trust the dips and spikes of an ECG every day. The ECG reads the energy signals used and produced by the heart and creates a visual representation of them on a screen. They know that the body uses energy to function. And they know that energy creates a field around it, which can be manipulated. The earth has such a field.

So, why shouldn’t Reiki work as well? It may not heal your cancer, but it can help, providing the space for you and the medications to work.


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