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Reasons Why Women Should Meditate.

Meditation is great for everyone of all ages and all genders. This practice has been around for centuries and has expanded globally and carried onto modern times due to the several benefits it offers. Although everyone can and should do meditation, there are several reasons why specifically woman should meditate. These include:

1. Connecting with yourself

I think that woman especially forget to take care of themselves because they are so often busy taking care of other people. Whether it be family, friends or a partner, society unfortunately puts a lot of responsibility on women to take care of everyone. It is therefore especially important for woman to take time to take care of themselves. Meditation is a great way to do this as it also has the added benefit of introspection which allows us to really connect with our true selves. Because society places so much pressure on us girls fit a certain standard, meditation is a great way to ensure we don’t lose ourselves. Furthermore, meditation enhances self-compassion which is essential for loving yourself.

2. Better sexual health

One study that asked 450 participants between the ages of 18 and 70 about their meditation habits and sexual health. They found that women who mediated scored higher for sexual desire, arousal lubrication and orgasms. This makes sense as meditation helps one focus on the present and relax. Sexual activities are best enjoyed when one is calm and in the moment. It can be hard to feel calm and present when engaging in sexual activities because you are vulnerable. As such meditation can help you learn to relax and enjoy the moment.

3. May help manage menstrual cycle symptoms

Many women experience unpleasant mood swings due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). PMS occurs before the start of a woman’s menstrual period and after ovulation. These mood swings can greatly impact a woman’s daily life and meditation can be a great tool to combat these feelings because meditation helps regulate emotions. Other symptoms of PMS that can be alleviated by mediation include trouble concentrating and fatigue. Furthermore, if you experience menstrual cramps on your period, mediation can be a good technique to alleviate the pain as it helps you focus on something else.

4. Can help a woman along her pregnancy journey

Research has demonstrated that meditation can be great for both a pregnant mother and the baby. Pregnancy can be stressful as it takes a huge toll on the mother’s energy and health. Furthermore, pregnancy can be stressful due to the fact that having a child generally causes major life changes. Stress is extremely bad for pregnant women and their baby and because meditation reduces stress it can greatly benefit the health of a mother and her baby during pregnancy.

To conclude, meditation is definitely great for everyone however there are some specific benefits for woman. Life can be extremely difficult for us woman and meditation are great tool we can all use for the reasons listed above. There exist guided meditations made specifically for women and can be great to follow. However, simply meditating alone is enough to reap the benefits of meditation.

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