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Why You Should Start Using Selenite in Your Life

If you are a beginner in the lifestyle of turning to crystals as a means of seeking and gaining help for problems that you face in your life, you may be wondering what some of the more widely regarded crystals are. It can be daunting figuring that out on your own, as there are so many crystals out there that work towards great benefits, so it is unexpectedly difficult finding out which are the most commonly used crystals and what they are best to be used for. A crystal that is a favourite of many people is Selenite, because of all of the properties it carries for cleansing and healing not only the physical and mental problems you may be facing but also for your spirituality. It is believed to help in your daily routine to overcome stagnation and that feeling of sameness you can experience with mundanity.

Selenite has a long history and has always been tied to the goddess of the Moon. The name of the stone comes from the ancient Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene, and due to this meaning, that has long since connected it to spirituality, Selenite has often been thought of as very powerful and useful in harnessing and impacting energy in the spiritual world. Selenite has been said to be a crystallized version of the mineral Gypsum and has been called “liquid light” due to its ability to be a gentle way to navigate various energies. It was first discovered and named in 1747. Selenite crystals can be found all over varying parts of the world. Some of the places where slabs of Selenite have been found are Madagascar, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Morocco, and Brazil.

Selenite is a wonderful crystal for grounding a space and can be used to bring an energy that is calming to a previously hectic area, along with being able to clear out any negative auras that may have been present, which leaves room for positive energy to flow freely through. It can bring upliftment to an environment and effectively protect from any unwanted energy entering. Selenite is also great at bringing a sense of clarity to the carrier, and no longer will you need to have a clouded mind full of thoughts wondering how you should move forward in life and doubting your choices. Additionally, the crystal can bring an exceptional release from anxiety and stress, allowing unnecessary worry that was holding you back from seizing your moment to leave you in an instant rather than lingering on and bothering your life. It can even help with skeletal issues and repair cells.

Selenite is an excellent addition to any collection and is even easy to cleanse. This ease is partially due to how there are several ways that you can go about cleaning your stone. A very popular and fitting method of cleansing the energies of Selenite is by placing it in the light of the moon or even the light of the Sun. You are sure to enjoy owning this crystal not only due to the plethora of benefits that it gives but also because of the beauty and healing it will bring to your life.

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