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What is Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy?

Imagine that your cells were like tiny batteries. Over time you would expect these batteries to slowly drain making you feel overall more physically and mentally tired. This can also lead to things going wrong in the body as your cells are not functioning at maximal potential. One technology some use to recharge these batteries is referred to as Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. This technique involves using technology to send low bursts of magnetic energy into the body which interacts with one’s natural magnetic field to enhance healing of the body. The magnetic fields help your body increase important charged molecules such as electrolytes and ions which in turn causes electrical changes in your cells and influences cellular metabolism. From as early as 1841, there have been claims that electricity may assist the bodies healing process. Modern science has supported this claim several times and has demonstrated that PEMF is useful for several different conditions or injuries such as broken bones or even depression. So far research also indicates that this procedure is generally risk free if used properly and therefore is a cool treatment option to explore.

Originally, PEMF devices simply consisted of a Helmholtz coil which has the capability to generate a magnetic field and treatment was delivered by placing the patient inside the magnetic field. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, most PEMF devices look like a thick yoga mat that contains several flat spiral coils. To deliver treatment the patient lays on the yoga mat and a frequency generator is used to energize the coils, creating a pulsed electromagnetic field. Depending on the condition being treated, a practitioner may also prescribe their patients with a PEMF device to use from the comfort of their own homes. Often, sessions are done a few times a week and once a day until the patient is feeling better.

The thought of pulsing electromagnetic radiation through your body may seem frightening considering that X-rays also produce electromagnetic radiation. However, the frequency and duration of these pulses of radiation is what make the treatment safe. The electromagnetic waves produced by PEMF are supposed to resemble the safe electromagnetic waves in nature, they are very low frequency and occur in brief bursts. Most PEMF devices actually use a lower frequency of electromagnetic radiation than the amount of electromagnetic radiation you would be exposed to in a thunderstorm. As such, PEMF can be used as a safe alternative for certain physical and mental conditions and is completely non-invasive!

I am always amazed at all of the different treatments available to use for different conditions. I like PEMF as it is low-risk and non-invasive. Although this treatment may not be suitable for everyone or to heal any condition, it is a powerful technique that has helped many people recover!

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