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The Convenient Way Sunstone Helps with Balancing Your Energy.

Sunstone is a fantastic mineral with a variety of uses which will bring numerous pleasantries into your life, including its balancing energy. It has been around for a long time and has since been utilized for its beneficial properties. In ancient times, Sunstone was thought to be a piece of the Sun and was often acquired and used by ancient magicians as a means of attracting power and wealth to them. Nowadays, the stone is primarily used as a way to unlock feelings of joy and satisfaction in one’s life. Sunstone is additionally able to elevate the intuition of the carrier, making it so that things that were previously hidden can now be felt.

Sunstone brings with it a plethora of properties that will help your physical body feel better. Firstly, it acts like your own personal dose of mental reinvigoration and can help with seasonal depression that comes at times when the weather or your surroundings are bringing you down. Secondly, Sunstone is an excellent form of soothing for issues regarding the digestive tract, as it is believed to help with ailments such as stomach ulcers, and sore throats, along with speeding along the metabolism. Finally, the stone is a marvellous way to give relief to joint pain or even cramps, bringing a ray of light onto physical issues that were once bothersome in your life.

Sunstone brings its purifying sunshine emotionally and physically, as well as balancing you metaphysically. It clears and cleanses all Chakras, but has especially deep connections with the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Heart Chakra. Having the Root Chakra in balance is incredibly helpful because without that you will be left feeling low in energy and lost in terms of enthusiasm. The connection that Sunstone has with the Sacral Chakra is what allows you to be able to have heightened intuition because when the Sacral Chakra can flow it manages the information going throughout the mind and body. When the Heart Chakra is in balance it brings good energy into your life and opens you up to explore your relationships in a more meaningful way.

It is very important to keep your crystals cleansed, particularly the Sunstone due to how it is so deeply linked with energy. The stone will soak up negative energy over time, so you must take the time to rid it of that negativity every once in a while. The simplest way to cleanse Sunstone is by placing it in warm water mixed with salt, and another easy way to purify it is by keeping it near cleansing crystals that will be able to absorb any negative energy. You can even cleanse Sunstone by smudging it with some sage or bay leaf. Additionally, you can charge the stone by placing it in sunlight or even moonlight for less sunny days.

Sunstone is a great crystal for instilling happiness into your life, along with its wonderful abilities in aiding you in other aspects of your life. Much like the rays of the sun, this stone will shine its balancing energy into every corner of your life and is sure to keep you smiling for the days coming ahead.

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