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Self-Care and Massage.

With the stresses of the modern world, the focus has shifted away from care of the self towards prioritizing the pursuit of money. It is an unavoidable and distressing fact of life in the Western world. But everyone still has a body, and that body requires care. Rather than prioritizing one aspect of life over another, perhaps a balance can be found.

The words ‘self-care’ brings to mind luxurious bubble baths or heaping mounds of chocolate, or expensive fripperies and shopping sprees. Self-care does not have to be scary or expensive. Self-care is not indulgent. Self-care can be as simple as a walk around the block, a chat with a friend over coffee, or a session on a massage therapist’s table.

An hour in relaxed bliss with a trained Therapist working the knots out of your muscles can be just as effective as a bath and a decadent dessert for treating yourself. More so, as the therapist will assess and treat any aches and pains. That’s rather more than a bath can do.

Many of the occupations that people engage in exact a toll on the human body. Desk work is monotonous; constant sitting and repetitive motion of typing can play havoc on the muscles of the back and arms, respectively. Desk workers are often at risk for Sciatica and ‘Upper Cross Syndrome’, a hunched-over posture with forward head positioning. Both of these can be addressed with regular Massage and careful attention to ergonomics and mitigation techniques. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another frequent visitor to desk workers, which is often corrected through surgical intervention, but can be mitigated and treated by Massage.

People who engage in more physical occupations should also seek out their Massage Therapist on a regular basis. When a job requires the ability to lift heavy objects, move quickly to avoid danger, or stay on one’s feet for many hours at a time, the body feels this. Muscles become fatigued, heal slower, and respond at a reduced rate. Regular sessions with their Massage Therapist will keep the muscles in top working order so the stresses of their job don’t pile up. To the tough trade-worker in a ‘masculine’ profession, who might see Massage as ‘girly’ and ‘indulgent’ – would you prefer to have your working life cut short because of accident or injury, or be able to work longer, and safer, because you took care of your body?

Even if a person has no injuries or physical issues, a Massage session can still be overwhelmingly useful for one’s physical and mental well-being. Many people live alone, don’t have close relationships, or are in relationships without meaningful interaction. Touch starvation is a serious problem, particularly during the COVID pandemic. All humans need touch to survive. The physical interaction of a Massage can help to address this issue, within the bounds of professionalism.

Massage Therapy may seem indulgent and extravagant, but it is the key to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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