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PEMF for whole body health.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is the sort of therapy that operates on a holistic level in the body, meaning that it doesn’t pinpoint its attention on any one issue. A session of PEMF therapy will heal the whole body, given the proper application. That said, there are several disorders for which patients have specifically sought PEMF treatment: Cancer, Kidney failure, and autoimmune disorders.

Everyone has heard of cancer. It is an unfortunately common issue in today’s world. In many cases, cancer is an over-growth of cells within the body. When the cells of a particular organ start multiplying out of control, they build a tumor, which takes up space within that organ and causes it to cease functioning.

There are scant studies on the efficacy of PEMF on treating cancer, but the few that have been performed have proven positive. It seems that PEMF may help their traditional cancer treatments do what they were designed to do, and also help strengthen the body at the same time. Chemotherapy is notoriously hard on the human body. PEMF can help the patient fight back against both the cancer and the treatment.

Another disturbingly common disorder is kidney failure. Normally, the kidneys operate as a filter, cleaning the blood of any toxins harmful to the body, and flushing them out in the urine. But when the kidneys stop working properly, the toxic buildup can be detrimental to the patient’s health. Kidney failure can present as swelling in the limbs, a shortness of breath, and less frequent urination. When left unchecked, this can become fatal.

PEMF can help the kidneys resume normal functioning, by essentially ‘re-tuning’ the cells in the kidneys. Like the air filter in your car, when it gets clogged up, it will not work right. The kidneys are much the same, but instead of using air-pressure to force filtration, they use cellular activity and ion balances. PEMF waves will jump-start the kidneys, so they start allowing the proper ions to cross the cell barriers and filtering out the ions that need to be left alone.

In much the same way, PEMF can interact with the organs and cells responsible for the immune system in the body. The main organs are the thymus and spleen, with the lymph nodes and bone marrow providing aid. Together, they work to protect the body from invaders.

But sometimes they get confused and start attacking ‘local’ cells. When this happens, we get an autoimmune disorder, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes, lupus, etc. PEMF can’t cure the autoimmune disorder, unfortunately, but it can help the patient control the symptoms and live a better life within the constraints of their disorder. As with everything that PEMF does, a stronger body will be able to fight back against the issues it faces.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy seems to be the perfect adjunct to helping patients dealing with a systemic disorder but remember to always ask your physician if PEMF is right for you and continue taking your prescribed medication.


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