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PEMF for Soft Tissue Health.

Just as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy has a noticeable effect on the speed at which bone heals, so too can PEMF affect the health of the soft tissue in the body. The soft tissue is anything that is not bone – muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, etc. One of the main issues faced by soft tissue is inflammation, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Inflammation is the body’s response to pain and injury. The body causes swelling around an injury in order to immobilize it, as too much movement after an injury can exacerbate the injury. When the ankle swells up after a sprain, this is inflammation. We are taught RICE for sprains – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation – and for the most part, this works just fine. But not all injuries require the same amount of inflammation. And often, the inflammation itself can cause issues. When chronic inflammation has set in, it cuts off the blood flow to the area, making the tissue unhealthy. In some cases, this creates chronic pain disorders, such as arthritis, joint pain, and chronic back aches. The typical treatment for these disorders is pain medication, which have been known to cause ulcers, bleeding, and dependency. PEMF might be the answer.

PEMF alters the permeability of the cell membranes in the body, allowing fluid and nutrients to pass back and forth. When PEMF waves encounter inflammation, the cells start to operate in a more normal fashion again. Blood flow is increased, edema – swelling – goes down as interstitial fluid is taken up by the blood and flushed out by the kidneys, and pain sensors stop firing as endorphins flood the system.

This is beneficial for any injury, for post-surgical wounds, and for athletes. In all these cases, inflammation and pain are major issues with which the patient has to deal. PEMF penetrates the tissues without any negative effects, flushing out the system, and drawing blood to the area. The one-two effect of increased blood-flow and the general healing effect of PEMF itself also causes torn muscles or tendons to heal faster and more effectively.

The human body is a miraculous system, which, for the most part, operates at peak efficiency to allow us to live our best lives. But sometimes, the body decides to be its own worst enemy, and fight against itself. The unhealthy body cannot do what it needs to do in order to heal itself, and thus it starts a spiral into pain and disease. Chronic pain, inflammation, disorders of all kinds, these can be treated with modern medicine (for the most part), but PEMF is also here to help. The electromagnetic waves from a PEMF device can open up the cells that are closed and bound shut, allowing blood to flow and healing to occur.

But please, as always, consult your doctor to determine if PEMF can be used safely.



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