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Get to Know Hematite: The Crystal For Your Protection Needs

The world can be a scary place at times, and the fear of all of the possible bad things that could happen can easily become overwhelming if we choose to dwell on it for too long. If we let ourselves get consumed by fear, we will find ourselves struggling to stay afloat in the brutal world that rarely ever lends a helping hand. This is why it is so important to have a means of regaining stability in your life and remaining grounded. On the other hand, it is also possible that if we ignore all of the problems of this world then we will find ourselves unprepared when it comes time to face these challenges. This is why it is equally important to keep tools ready to aid in your protection whenever it is needed. Hematite is believed to both ground and protect its owner, making it a perfect crystal to use regularly.

Hematite carries a striking blood-red pigment for which it is well recognized, which has led to its name. Hematite derives its name from ‘haimos’, the word for blood in Ancient Greek, and the Ancient Greeks often utilized the crystal. Hematite is made up of iron oxide crystals and has a metallic sheen which led to its use as the earliest iteration of mirrors. Hematite has also been called the Iron Rose due to how it is often found with iron ore. Hematite has a long period of use, starting with prehistoric people, who used the mineral to draw on the walls of caves. The Egyptians would use it to adorn their Pharoah’s tombs. Indigenous peoples used it as war paint.

Hematite is not only thought to be a powerful ally in both protecting and grounding the carrier but is also believed to be able to endow strength, courage, and even endurance. The stone brings out confidence from within because of its ability to toss aside the negative thoughts that were once holding you down and leaves room for positive affirmations to fill their space instead. Since Hematite increases courage, it can provide willpower to stay strong in the face of adversity rather than buckling and succumbing to unfortunate circumstances. In addition to all of these properties that benefit the mental and emotional aspects of your life, the stone also improves physicality. Hematite is most commonly used concerning problems regarding blood, and thus is often used to treat anemia, improve blood circulation, and stabilize blood pressure.

Carrying Hematite with you or even wearing it as you go about your day is a wonderful way to experience the positive impact on your life. The stone emits energy that will keep you at balance by grounding you, as well as releasing protective energy that will prevent harm from coming your way. Placing Hematite in your home will keep away negative energy and ensure that your living area is a hub of good vibes.

If you are looking for great protection mixed with a daily dose of grounding, Hematite is the perfect stone to add to your collection. It will not only bring its beauty but also a bundle of helpful attributes to improve your life.


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