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Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy as an Alternative Treatment For Chronic Inflammation

When your body is in the process of attempting to heal itself, it activates the immune system, thereafter, releasing chemicals that invoke inflammation. This process involves increased blood flow to the inflicted parts of the body, and the release of proteins and antibodies that aid the body in healing. For minor injuries, such as a papercut the inflammation response tends to only last at maximum a few days. However, sometimes this response is chronic, a condition referred to as chronic inflammation. Overtime chronic inflammation can cause damage to the impacted tissues and organs. Many individuals have chronic inflammation as the symptoms can often be subtle and easy to overlook. Some symptoms include weight fluctuations, mood changes and tiredness, and these symptoms can last for months to years. In different people with chronic inflammation the symptoms may be more mild or severe, however if left untreated the symptoms can get worse.

There are several causes of chronic inflammation such as autoimmune disorders or untreated infections. However, there also exist genetic predispositions that make individuals more at risk for developing chronic inflammation. Certain environmental factors such as diet and long-term stress may also contribute to the development and maintenance of chronic inflammation. These factors also effect the intensity of symptoms and how long they last for. If left untreated chronic inflammation can overtime cause cellular and DNA damage which can cause other disorders such as cancer. Certain medications such as steroids, supplements and lifestyle changes are the most common ways used to manage chronic inflammation. Often these treatments are used together. One interesting treatment for chronic inflammation involves using a device to send electromagnetic radiation pulses through the body and it is referred to as Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.

PEMF can help with inflammation by treating both the causes and symptoms of chronic inflammation. This treatment has been reported to improve the immune response and to reduce both inflammation and pain. A major benefit of PEMF as a treatment for chronic inflammation is that it is non-invasive and generally risk-free and as such it can even be used to compliment other treatments. However, it is always important to consult with your medical doctor before receiving or changing any type of treatment. Furthermore, if you suspect you are experiencing chronic inflammation, consult with a medical doctor to ensure there is no other underlying cause. Another benefit of PEMF as a treatment for chronic inflammation is that it can be done at home, if suggested by a doctor, as the PEMF devices are often small and portable. The treatment itself is quick often 15-20 minutes and is painless – it actually is the opposite as it has been reported to also promote overall wellness.

The benefits of this treatment for chronic inflammation, in my opinion, outweigh the costs. As it treats both the roots and symptoms of chronic inflammation and is a generally safe treatment, I think it would nicely compliment other treatments. Although it may not work for everyone, if you are suffering from chronic inflammation and have the means to do so PEMF is a great treatment option to explore.


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