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Fungal Infections: Can Ionic Foot Baths help?

Fungus and yeast infections can be painful, messy, and uncomfortable. They come in many different types, depending on sex, age, and hormone levels. Some of the most common are known as ‘Jock itch’, vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush, and Athlete’s Foot, in the groin, mouth, and feet, respectively. These present as scaley, itchy sections of skin, occasionally with pus or discharge. Athlete’s Foot can also show cracking between the toes and on the heels.

Often fungal infections are recurring. Once they have taken root, they are difficult to get rid of. The easiest way to make sure you do not contract a fungal infection is to wash often, keep yourself clean and dry, wear shoes in common areas such as locker rooms or communal showers, and avoid high-sugar diets. Antibiotics will not do anything to protect you from a yeast or fungus infection, as antibiotics only work on bacteria. Several Over-The-Counter drugs are available, and your doctor has access to several more which are a little more potent.

If you have contracted a yeast infection, take heart. They can be treated. And the detoxifying effects of an Ionic Foot Bath can help. As the foot bath works to pull the toxins out of your body, it can also draw out the fungus or yeast, which will appear in the bath water as a white foam or curd-like substance. If you have an advanced case of Athlete’s Foot, perhaps wait until the skin has healed and the infection withdrawn slightly before attempting the Ionic Foot Bath, as the salted water and extra toxins in the water will invade the broken skin of your feet, causing more problems than the Foot Bath can handle.

The Ionic Foot Bath will also work to strengthen the immune system, which will help your body fight off the yeast or fungus. With fewer toxins in your body, the immune system will be able to focus on the infection more effectively.

Remember that infections thrive in an acidic environment. Yeast and fungus are no different. The Ionic Foot Bath will work to alkalize your body, making it a less likely location for fungus or yeast to want to grow. Think of it as putting up a fence around your body, with ‘no trespassing’ signs at every corner. The yeast and fungus will learn to read these signs and know that this is not a body they should invade.

Taken together, the cleansing effects of a detoxifying foot bath, regular hygiene, and medications, either prescribed by your doctor or Over-The-Counter, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be feeling your best. All healing is holistic and requires the synergy of the patient, doctor, and health practitioners to achieve total perfect health.

You only get one body in this life. Why let it get clogged up with toxins and invaders? Let an Ionic Foot Bath cleanse it and treat it the way it deserves.



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