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Cholesterol: The Silent Killer.

Everyone’s heard that high cholesterol kills. With too much cholesterol in your arteries, blood cannot move around the body effectively, forcing the heart to work harder, pushing your blood pressure up. In extreme cases, the plaque build-up in your arteries can force them to burst, creating aneurysms, internal bleeding, and death.

What can be done? With a healthy diet of unsaturated fats, rich in the HDLs or ‘good’ cholesterols, regular detoxification sessions, and frequent exercise, this worrying future can be averted.

Normally, your body has many ways to flush your system of unwanted toxins, including the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, and colon. In the case of cholesterol, the HDL’s job is to travel the body, searching out the LDL, or ‘bad’ cholesterol, and dragging it out to the liver and kidneys where it is eliminated. But if these systems become overwhelmed or don’t work properly, a little helping hand is in order.

An Ionic Foot Bath detox session could do the trick. Half an hour, once or twice a week is all it takes to set your internal filters back to working order. It’s not a ‘one and done’ sort of situation, though. In order for an Ionic Foot Bath to get all the nasty toxins out, it has to be done repeatedly.

Think about it. Half an hour at a spa or a massage clinic, feet in a warm tub of water, the tingly feeling of the ionizer helping you to relax… and at the end of it, the tub is full of particles that used to be harmful toxins in your body. Make sure to drink a lot of water both before and after, though. Wouldn’t want you to feel light-headed and woozy after your session.

Of course, the Ionic Foot Bath cannot work its magic on its own. You must do your part by eating healthy fats and getting lots of exercise and rest. It sounds like a lot of work, but death is probably less fun than eating healthy.

The Ionic Foot Bath detox will systemically draw toxins from the liver and kidneys. As these two organs are the main ‘filters’ in the body, they can get clogged, just like the air filter in your car. With the Bath’s help, they can clean themselves out so that they can work at peak efficiency again. Though we tend to replace the air filter when it gets too dirty, it is a much more difficult proposition to do that for a human kidney or liver. So, if your doctor is telling you that your cholesterol levels are a little high, or you have high blood pressure, try giving your ‘filters’ a fighting chance by cleaning them out. The Ionic Foot Bath, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, could be the perk your internal filtering system needs to keep working well.


Objective assessment of an Ionic Foot Bath: Testing its ability to remove potentially toxic elements from the body.

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