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5 Things To Do in The Winter in Athabasca

The Town of Athabasca, located in the County of Athabasca, is a great place to visit during the winter months. With plenty of snow and crisp winter air, there are many activities to enjoy in this beautiful part of Alberta. Here are five things to do in the winter in the Town of Athabasca:

  1. Ice Fishing

One of the most popular winter activities in Athabasca is ice fishing. The town is located near several lakes, including Baptiste Lake, Island Lake, and North Buck Lake, all of which offer great opportunities for ice fishing. Grab your fishing gear and head out onto the ice to catch some fish and enjoy the peacefulness of the winter season. Make sure to dress warmly and check the ice thickness before venturing onto the lake. If you’re new to ice fishing, there are several outfitters in the area who offer guided ice fishing tours such as Baptiste Lake Adventures.

  1. Snowmobile Trails

Athabasca is also a popular destination for snowmobilers. With over 300 kilometers of groomed snowmobile trails, there is plenty of terrains to explore. The trails are maintained by the Athabasca river runners Snowmobile Club and offer riders the chance to see some beautiful winter scenery. They are suitable for both novice and experienced riders and provide an exciting way to explore the wilderness. Some popular snowmobile trails in the area include the Tawatinaw Valley Trail and the Iron Horse Trail. If you don’t have your own snowmobile, there are several rental options in Athabasca, including River Rat