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What Black Tourmaline Brings Physically and Metaphysically

Black Tourmaline is one of many shades in which the mineral Tourmaline is found and is most notable for the properties that it carries. This crystal is often sought after as a way to protect against any unwanted or negative energies, for which it provides great help. However, the crystal is also used for emotional and physical healing, along with having connections to our inner being that are useful. It can be easy to forget that each crystal has benefits beyond what it is most popular for and that it is important to remind yourself to go through your collection and re-evaluate what other ways these crystals can be helping you in your daily life.

Black Tourmaline has been a known crystal for centuries, as it was first discovered in the 1400s. The mineral was initially found in the heart of Saxon, Germany, in the vicinity of an old tin mine. Ancient magicians utilized the crystal as a means of shielding from their earth demons, allowing them to cast their spells. Since its inception, Black Tourmaline has been relied upon as a powerful psychic shield. The crystal is present in every part of the world, as it is found on every continent. Though it can be collected from various countries such as Brazil, Maine, and Pakistan, certain cuts of the gem can still be quite rare to find, making it a pricier addition to a crystal collection.

With regards to physical healing, Black Tourmaline carries on providing its protective energy in a new and different manner in the body. The crystal is known to be a great source of protection from electromagnetic radiation, which is emitted by every piece of technology around us, making the gem especially useful in today's day and age. Black Tourmaline is also believed to be able to boost metabolism, which will prevent you from putting on extra pounds, and will allow you to feel energized. The crystal is also said to be helpful in soothing aching muscles and joints, along with improving the circulation of blood around the body.

Black Tourmaline also holds several metaphysical benefits for you to relish. It can be used for grounding the Root Chakra, and when this Chakra is well balanced it opens to door to an increase in the confidence within you, allowing you to take charge in a way you have never thought of before, and pushing away the doubts that you may have once carried regarding your abilities. Due to the protective covering that Black Tourmaline places over you, you will be well guarded against any spiritual attacks that were intended to cause harm to you.

Black Tourmaline is a brilliant stone to implement into your life. Not only does it have benefits in your average life concerning reducing the negative energy around you and protecting you from them, but it also has physical aspects that will be immensely beneficial to your health, along with metaphysical aspects that will invigorate your spirit to face whatever lies ahead. The reason this crystal is such a popular piece to acquire for a good crystal collection is because of how it enables you to face even the most daunting challenges in your life.

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