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How to Heal Your Body and Spirit Using Fluorite

Fluorite is a wonderful crystal with a variety of uses and comes in several different colours which can add to the numerous benefits that the crystal may carry. Not only is Fluorite in all of its forms believed to have the ability to ground the energy of the carrier that is utilizing it, but in addition to that already incredibly useful property, it is also able to bring a plethora of different manners of healing to the user. Fluorite is capable of healing emotionally, due to how it provides a sound mind and a sense of calmness, leaving you free of any anxieties that may have been plaguing you in the past. It even can heal the different ailments of the body, along with being known to bring balance to the body in a metaphysical sense.

Physically speaking, Fluorite is a great crystal due to how it can positively impact so many different illnesses and has a real healing effect on a variety of parts of the body. For instance, Fluorite is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to remedying skin problems and can aid with acne or rashes. The crystal also holds great healing power for the respiratory tract and can lend a hand in curing various diseases like bronchitis, emphysema, the common cold, the flu, and even pneumonia. Additionally, Fluorite has been scientifically proven to help strengthen our teeth and bones, so it will be a great aid in combating ailments related to that such as osteoporosis and pain from arthritis.

Fluorite is incredible when it comes to aligning the Chakras and can aid in opening major Chakras. Different coloured Fluorites can lead to connections with different Chakras, but all varieties of the crystal are deeply in tune with the Third Eye Chakra. This Chakra is the hub for the way that we perceive the world around us and having it kept in balance is very powerful, because when it is we will be able to see clearly and understand what we are seeing, along with knowing the best ways to take in that information and knowing how to internally communicate it to ourselves. Another Chakra that is opened up by Fluorite is the Heart Chakra, which is beneficial to us because it allows for an ushering in of love in all aspects of our life, and an increase in our capacity to take in and dish out love.

Every crystal needs to be cleansed and recharged occasionally to ensure that it performs to the best of its abilities to keep your life in balance as you want it to be. Fluorite is a softer mineral, which is why it is important not to let it soak in water for too long as it will slowly dissolve, as well as to not directly use salt as a means to cleanse it as it may be too abrasive and lead to wear and tear. A great alternative to refresh your crystal is through smudging it with sage smoke, or you can even let it rest in either sunlight or moonlight.

Fluorite is truly a magnificent crystal with the way it brings a new spin to life as we know it and allows for powerful energetic healing to take place in your life in all aspects. It is always a welcome addition to any collection.


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